about us

Reliable Transportation

Proudly serving you for over 40 years. 

Our company is a family owned and operated business, which meets the transportation needs of both the community and industries within the Perth area.  With our friendly courteous staff and fleet of vans, we are able to make your transportation experience both comfortable and enjoyable. 

Our founder Robert Dixon was born and raised in the town of Perth. After many years of working in the shoe industry, Robert decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an entrepreneur. With the help of his wife Suzanne it was determined that Perth lacked a clean, courteous and reliable taxi company and so sprang Reliable Cab in June of 1975. 

In 2012 Robert and Suzanne welcomed their granddaughter and her husband, Natasha and Justin Lackey into the family business. Their youth, enthusiasm and professionalism have further enhanced the company, and in August of 2013, Robert and Suzanne stepped back to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Now known as Reliable Transportation Justin and Natasha continue to carry on the company in the same spirit set by Bob and Suzanne.

Since its first taxi call, Reliable Transportation has transformed in order to accommodate the ever-changing technology and times, but some things remained the same, family, attitude, service and its belief that the customer deserves the very best.